Setup DreamPi to boot/mount read-only

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Setup DreamPi to boot/mount read-only

Post#1 » Thu Mar 07, 2019 8:08 pm

I adapted the Adafruit read-only script ( to work with DreamPi. This is to make it easier to setup new DreamPi images to boot read-only so you don't have to worry about proper shutdowns. Tested with DreamPi 1.7 on a Raspberry Pi Zero W using pcwzrd13's Dreamcast Live USB Modem.

View script:

  1. Flash the DreamPi image
  2. Boot and setup wifi (reboot if needed)
  3. Verify you have an internet connection
  4. Make any other optional changes you'd like (enable ssh, change password, etc)
  5. Download & run the script:

    Code: Select all

    wget -O ; sudo bash
  6. Reboot

I striped out most of the stuff I knew wasn't needed. Of note is the removal of the busybox-syslogd install as this breaks compatibility with ( Busybox-syslogd doesn't update /var/log/syslog that reads to determine which game you're playing. The script keeps the remount & halt GPIO pin options and includes a pinout display with (Adafruit's) suggested GPIO's at the prompts. Everything is setup to run at boot with systemd (no rc.local). Like the original script, there's no scripted uninstall/undo.

You can always remount / as RW after boot if you need to update wifi or other settings:

Code: Select all

sudo mount -o remount,rw /

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