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new event for Chrismas

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 9:21 pm
by clintonjmolina1
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Battleland Royale is quite famous in the game world this day. This writing will give you an overview of this game most fairly and independently.

As one of the most popular games in battle royale genre, Battlelands Royale is only available for online playing. Thanks to the cartoony graphics and smaller map with a fixed view, this game is significantly lighter than PUBG.

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In the beginning, on the loading screen, when waiting for the lobby to fill up, you can pick up the location you want to land by tapping on the map.

As soon as the game begins, your character will automatically land on the place you chose, and you will have about 5 seconds to adjust the landing spot correctly. This is the way better than the dead time compared to PUBG.

When landing on the ground, you can freely control the character with a dual stick setup. Even though it has fluid controls and simple map, it is dense enough to make you never get tired from playing this game.

For a few seconds, there will be a circle that is the place your battle royale begins. The difference of this game from the others in the same genre is that these battles are much quicker with about 30 seconds for a circle shrinks.

If you hide in tall grass, your opponents cannot see you. But they can see grass moving around you once you move while hidden. You can also get uncovered when you get a shoot or shot others.

And when you move in general, you will leave temporary footsteps that can make a hint for your opponent to find your place.

To get one item, you will have to stand its’ top for some time except for ammunition that can be got instantly.

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Another interesting feature of this game is the number of collectible items. With many different items in the game, you might find this game much simpler. The game includes the following items:

Small Medkit: helps to recharge about 1/6 of your health.

Large Medkit: assist you in recovering all of your health

Small Shield: offers 1/16 of your armor.

Large Shield: makes up about 1/8 of your armor.

Small Ammunition: allows you to have ammunition for any weapon. If you have no guns at that time, the next gun will have more ammunition to start with.

Large Ammunition: offers twice as much as the Small Ammunition. The actual amount will be based on the weapon. While you might get 12 shots for an assault rifle, for instance, you can only have two rockets for a bazooka.

There are also many weapons for you to choose including a shotgun, assault rifle, peacemaker and sniper rifle except for Bazooka and Minigun that you can only find in supply drops.

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Game Modes

At this time, the developer offers two modes including single player and duo mode.

For the duo mode, you can pair with your friend or any other players who you can find in the nearby landing area during the loading screen. What is so special about this mode is that you can be revived by your teammate when being shot in this mode.

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Re: new event for Chrismas

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:41 am
by XVO
Well the ChuChu Rocket event is happening at the moment, which is great ;)

Re: new event for Chrismas

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:04 am
by Xiden
clintonjmolina1 wrote:Any special events for Christmas? I am looking forward for good news!!! :D :D

Sonic Adventure 1 Christmas Event Starts today ;)

Re: new event for Chrismas

Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:56 pm
by BlueCrab
There will be an event in PSO coming soon. Not specifically a Christmas event, but it will be starting before Christmas.