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Post#1 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:28 am

So im new to the dreamcast scene and im planning to get mine next month and i wanna know does the dreamcast come with some kinda broadband modem, dial-up modem or will i have to buy those things myself? if so, how much are they?

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Re: Online Help

Post#2 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:17 pm

your Dreamcast should come with a 56k modem from the factory..

there also is a BBA but it is only really useful for Quake 3 Arean.. it does also work with PSO and I believe Toy Racer.. they go for slightly over a hundred upwards of 200$ on fleabay..
these are the Only 3 games it works with at this point in time..

you will want a DreamPi if youre serious about playing online with your Dreamcast

all the info you need is on Dreamcast Live..

while you have time to kill you could(Should) also read some of the threads here in the Online forum to see what kinds of issues other people have had connecting and how they resolved them..

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Re: Online Help

Post#3 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:52 pm

Amen to DreamPi. If you get a Raspberry Pi, you'll need a SD card that matches your Pi for the DreamPi OS. I also use my Pi (with a different SD card) for Kodi, but that's another way to justify spending money on a Pi! Hopefully your Dreamcast modem is still there (years ago I bought a used one for $10.00 but it was not there...odd).

Before you buy, here are your options...
a.) Buy a DreamPi kit from PCwzrd13 IF you do not have a Raspberry Pi, USB Linux modem and a LVI, or...
b.) Buy a DreamPi Modem from TacT if you have Raspberry Pi, or...
c.) Buy a LVI from PCwzrd13 (which requires a 9v battery or two 9v batteries depending on PAL region).
d.) But if you feel you can make one, PCwzrd13 has a video to guide to help you (link below).

About those options, they BOTH come pre-tested and with a warranty. Option "a" is the best option because it just works and you will never have to worry about batteries. Option "b" is also a must if you already own a Linux friendly USB modem but you must be sure your USB modem will work with Linux.
Bob Dobbs

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