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Match Tuesday 23:00???

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:11 pm
by Elesa
Hi, I am a new member from Spain. I have started to play on line reciently.
I would like to play a match/s on tuesday around 23:00 (time Europe)......anybody????

Re: Match Tuesday 23:00???

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 3:19 am
by Jako
Hi Elesa!!! Great to see you here!!! :-)
There is the key to find online players, you only have to write that you want to play in the main chat and sure that someone comes. 2 important things to know heheh, mainly, the hours expressed in this web becomes from eastern USA time. You have to rest 6 hours of hour spain hour. Example, now are here 9am, = 3am on USA East time. Other important thing is to put the game that you want to play, because you are Dial-Up and are not Signed on Dreamcast Now service. Soon you will have your LVI for the DreamPi, is on the road, sure friday you will receive it. =)

For the rest of users.
For Elesa, the first Dreamcast Online experience was the last Starlancer UK game night, the player that played with the name "Connect" :-). Maybe someone remember that. Is a good maximum pool player and sure that will find users to play it went you want. I wanna play again with you too!!!
Welcome to this great web and hope that you will know great people from all the world, i found many and more that comes every week, so many laughs, good moments and some things to share.
Tonight i will try to play some Max pool at 23:00pm, (5pm eastern USA time). Nice habbit to play some pool everyday hehehe ;-)

(I forgot to say that maybe you will need to make a little presentation in that section, people will like to see that other PAL user are ready to play, :-) hehe)

Re: Match Tuesday 23:00???

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 4:10 am
by Elesa
Hi Jako! Glad to "see you" here too. Thanks for your presentation and advices.
I didn't found a place where doing official presentation as at, you can indicate me (apologies to everybody).

Also, sorry about my's B.U.P level (you know, Jako ;)

I'm impatient for receiving all components to build my DreamPi.....i really want to play Worms....At this I'm worms killer machine!!! :lol:

See u soon, best regards

Re: Match Tuesday 23:00???

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:43 am
by Jako
Hi!!! Heheh, soon you will have everything to play worms, you will see hard battles hahaha.
Dont worrie about the english, i had the same level that you, we dont have so many chances to try it in spain hahah, i keep my school and MTV level too XD. But people here are cool and patient, they dont laugh about my write mistakes, and I are gratefull about that. I learn so much here :-)

I forgot it sorry! The presentation zone:

See you on Maximum Pool! :-)