Agito hunt!

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Agito hunt!

Post#1 » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:23 am

This is obviously a huge waste of time. I'm currently hunting for all of the false agitos as well as (eventually) the real deal. The false ones, and even the real one, even when appraised, are not very useful. I'm just after them to add to my legit collection.

Here are the odds and where I'm searching for (with one exception all in vHard);

My HuCast (red) will be hunting for;
Agito 1983 - 1/380 Savage Wolf
Agito 1991 - 1/854 Dark Belra

My RaCaseal (purple) will be hunting for;
Agito 1977 - 1/380 Savage Wolf
Agito 1980 - Cave 2 Box

My new RaCast (oran) will be hunting for;
Agito 1991 - 1/3414 Savage Wolf (he won't be hunting very much for this...)
Agito 1991 - Cave 2 Box
Agito 2001 - 1/156 Sinow Beat
Agito 1980 - 1/320 Dark Belra (normal ruins)
Agito 1975 (real) - 1/866592 Chaos Bringer

My new RaCast is working up in hard now, and will eventually just rot away searching for the real agito when I get bored playing other characters I guess.

The only trouble I see while searching for the false ones is the chances to find Agito 1991. I might end up making a Skyly character just to do the vhard forest runs as that class has the 1/380 chance from a Savage Wolf.

So far I've done about three nights of searching with both my HuCast and RaCaseal, and have found;
Findings other than Agito wrote:2x Ranger Fields (one with 4 slots)
1x Hunter Field
2x Brave Knuckle
Large amounts of Materials
Multiple Dragon Slayers (currently only best % being kept)

I do hope to come across Flowen's shield/frame and a 502 mag cell while doing these very pointless runs.
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