Server Event: Candy Caper 2

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Server Event: Candy Caper 2

Post#1 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:16 pm

By this point, it’s a Halloween tradition around here to have an event, so… Here goes…

Event Information:
Start Time: October 21, 2020 @ 00:00 UTC (@041)
End Time: November 4, 2020 @ 00:00 UTC (@041)

Somehow, a Delsaber has infiltrated Pioneer 2 and stolen all of the Halloween treats. Worse yet, he has hidden it with enemies all over Ragol. Hunt down monsters on Ragol to find the delicious Halloween treats!

This event is open to all versions of the game currently supported on Sylverant.

System Description:
This event is similar in structure to the two previous events in that there is not a competitive leaderboard associated with it. Each enemy you kill (or help with killing) and each box you break will have a chance to drop various types of Halloween treats, which will be useful after the event to trade in for various in-game prizes. Like the last two, various global counters have been implemented for in-game actions taken by everyone playing that will boost your potential gains for token drop rates later on in the event.

(Not So) Fine Print:
  • This event, like previous events, requires you to have enabled /trackkills on your account while logged in (with /login or /tlogin). It is only open to those with a registered account on the Sylverant website that have registered their serial number and access key on the site.
  • This event tracks various statistics during your gameplay, including the number of enemies you have killed. Also, kills and various other events that happen in game may reward you with treats. As with previous event tokens, treats will be used to trade for various in-game prizes after the event has ended.
  • The /trackkills command must be run on each registered guild card in your account in order to make progress on that guild card.
  • If you used the /trackkills command in the earlier events, unless you have since disabled it, you will be able to earn treats and track your statistics.
  • Cheating of any kind (be it by way of using a cheat device such as a CodeBreaker or by abusing game bugs) is not permitted! Anyone caught cheating in any way is subject to being banned from the server. This event is meant to be fun for everyone, not for a small group of cheaters to run away with it! There have been people disqualified in previous events — don’t become the next one to be disqualified for cheating!
  • Statistics are tracked across all ships in the server.
  • You may use the /treats command on a ship to see your current number of each treat.
  • The /goal command will display the current global kill count and what the next goal is for a treat drop rate increase. This data will only update when you switch floors or join/leave a team.
  • Treat drop rates may be adjusted as the event goes on. Also, there may be various announced and unannounced incentives for playing at different times during the event period.
  • Logging on with multiple clients at the same time to try to increase your treat drop rate or kill counter will be severely penalized.

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Re: Server Event: Candy Caper 2

Post#2 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 10:26 am

SORRY I've been absent!!!

I sure believe Ives' spectacular quests should be announced too as well, the month they're in effect n gather more load xP

Hallowicked Horror on ULT and shooting the uhm, three switches? To summon Falz is ab-fucking-surd!!!! Even on stock PSO the Ludicrous the EP Falz bout occurs, I recall near-lv200 chars still getting whipped! Wished the EXP payout would be boosted though

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Re: Server Event: Candy Caper 2

Post#3 » Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:27 pm

I haven't done the Halloween quest in forever. Ives always put extra/hidden stuff in each quest. What exactly am I looking for in this one / what is there to get from it?

But I'm on a PSO kick again recently, so I'll def be participating in this event. Thanks Bluecrab.

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Re: Server Event: Candy Caper 2

Post#4 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 11:34 pm

Technically this isn't a quest -- it's a general server-wide event where you pick up special halloween treats that can be traded in after the event for various items and such. Basically, any enemy you kill or assist in killing has a chance to "drop" one of these treats (you'll get a little notification on the right side of your screen when you get one). Of course, this only works if you have opted into doing events by using the /trackkill command while you are logged in (with either /login or /tlogin).

Ives also has his Halloween quest up on Altimira, which you'd have to ask him about.

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