Your First Dreamcast Experience

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#11 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:53 pm

I enjoyed reading all of these! and cant wait till I get mine in to have the same experience!!

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Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#12 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:50 pm

My first experience happened to be SOMEWHAT around the last of its life. I remember an ad in the paper from Bestbuy that was selling brand new dreamcast's for 50$. So I had my dad take me down and pick one up.

I've been a fan ever since

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#13 » Sat May 21, 2016 3:05 pm

I missed out on the Dreamcast when it was originally launched, and I didn't really think too much about it until a couple of years ago.

I was at a local retro game store looking to get a copy of Phantasy Star Online for the Gamecube when I first noticed Phantasy Star Online in the Dreamcast section. After I spent a couple minutes of thinking I decided that I would try it out.

It only took a few minutes for me to realize that I made a greet purchase.

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#14 » Sun May 22, 2016 1:11 am

My first memory with the Dreamcast is quite nice for me...It was the first video game system I ever played! Before I was born my family was a very large fan of Nintendo consoles, having a snes then a n64. But then my brother was able to convince them to get a DC for their next console! And then I was born and when I was old enough to comprehend earth, my first video game experience (that I can remember at the least, but i'm almost positive this was my first) was playing Sonic Adventure...and it was beautiful :'3 Then we got more and more games for it and I loved every second of it all, that system is a beautiful little white gem :D ...Then after a while one of my cousins was over in my home and she waltzed in front of the tv and pulled on the controller cord by accident and it popped out of the port and broke the console...shit. But then I got a Gamecube!

But yeah, that was my very first experience with the Dreamcast and video games, and I will never forget it. Back when video games were so simple and only focused on one central idea...being fun :)

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#15 » Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:48 pm

It was the May of 2001. I was 12 years old back then, and dreamed of owning a PlayStation (which was still a hot thing in Poland). However the evening before the day I was supposed to visit the mall with my parents and get a PSX, I found out one of my father's friend was desperately trying to get rid of his Dreamcast (as he was hyped for the upcoming PS2). Not thinking much, I decided to pass on the PSX, and picked up the used Dreamcast instead. One of the best decisions in my life. Not only I got it dirt cheap (nowadays it's well under 30$), it also came with two VMUs (one official and one 4-page) and loads of totally awesome games (Sonic Adventure, Grandia 2, Phantasy Star Online v1, Jet Set Radio, Metropolis Street Racer to name the few).

It was an amazing summer, filled with Dreamcast awesomeness, but the best was still to come! In the October of 2002 our local game shop did a HUGE price drop on all Dreamcast games and accessories, as they wanted to get rid of the stock. I picked loads of games (4 Wheels Thunder, Chu Chu Rocket, Virtua Tennis, Time Stalkers...) for 19 PLN (around 4$) each, new and sealed.

But the best of all? My faithful buddy Dreamcast STILL works like a charm, even after those 15 years. And yesterday I got online for the very first time (back then the dial-up ISP in Poland was... not very good, to say the least, couldn't connect anywhere) and played some PSO. Truly amazing feeling, I tell you!

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#16 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:05 am

Kurasiu wrote:But the best of all? My faithful buddy Dreamcast STILL works like a charm, even after those 15 years. And

I'm jealous! I'm on my third dreamcast :x I still love the buggers, but I've had 2 lasers go out.

lastcallgames wrote:My first experience was sometime in 2000 (maybe even 1999) my next door neighboor/best friend got one very early. We swore NFL 2k looked photorealistic. The replays actually made some people at his place do a double take before realizing it was a video game.

Haha! I remember thinking NFL2k looked photorealistic as well! I fired it up a few years ago and was like "wtf, how did I ever see that as life-like?" not that it looks bad now (like Saturn/PSX), just not real.

My first DC experience was another launch day one, I don't even think I picked up a game with it. I was working my first job at a mall, and went and got it at Babbages after work. My friend down the street came over and we just played the hell out of the demo disk for hours, completely blown away by the beauty of it all. That Sonic whale chase demo *faints*

That was my first ever launch day console, so it holds an extra special place in my heart.

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#17 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:18 pm

My first cool experience was in 2000, when I played Soul Calibur for the dreamcast, at the arcade. And I played that game for over two hours. I used to play the arcade version of Soul Calibur, when it was hot in the arcades, but the one on dreamcast was awesome.

I then bought a dreamcast months later, together with Soul Calibur and never regretted it.
And I took the rest of my money, that was semi planned for a PS2, and instead, bought lots of dreamcast games with it.

Then after 2 years, the lens gave away. And after many years, I plan on buying a new one, especially since some of the games, are back online. Monaco, POD2 etc. And to play games, that I haven't played yet. :D

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#18 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 6:58 pm

well beanboy revived this thread so...

Iwent to my cousin's house, back in 2000 and he was playing this new system, he had Sega GT, Chu Chu Rocket and Virtua Striker. He let me play Sega GT and it was love at first sight together with Virtua Striker. Went home and talked my dad about but as most of the times happens with this things there was no way i was getting one. I ended up buying one about 10 years ago and never regretted. To this day is the console i played the most and my preferred console with the saturn being very close. This year i bought my second dc and a dreampi and never regretted to as the dc is fun as hell to play...

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Re: Your First Dreamcast Experience

Post#19 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 7:15 pm

I was an EEDIOT! I had game mags I was subbed to OPM and I think even there was buzz of the Dreamcast.. I'd thought it was just proto and wasn't even near hitting the market

Never saw the infomercials, I'd even had one rented from Blockblister n my young pea brain still din't know what it was

2012 I finally got one to call me own and today I've two casts =}

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