immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

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immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#1 » Thu Feb 11, 2021 10:38 pm

even during the days of planet-dreamcast in GameSpy or in any other forums, the gamecube community were known to be VERY hostile and toxic towards the dreamcast community, you see them hurling insults towards dreamcast in almost every forum, dissing it day and night, and harnessing the few brave dreamcast owners whereever they are, and whenever the few of them had tried to say something positive about the console anywhere.

i do not think that dreamcast owners should ever forget the pain that the few of us have suffered in the hands of the gamecube community, and neither should the people forget the gamecube community for all the folly that they have done in the past, including the long term damage they have done to the dreamcast's reputation by dissing it so much everywhere they went.

i say that because the reason why most gamer nowadays think that sonic adventure, PSO, skies of arcadia, and also EVOLUTION 1/2 had all originated on the gamecube first, rather than the dreamcast, was because of so much misinformation and negetive posts of hatred and ridicule made towards the dreamcast by the gamecube fanbase, which have spreaded and proliferated all over the internet over the past 20 years.

make no mistake, the gamecube kiddies were responsible for the much diminished reputation of the dreamcast. And it took two decades for the few outspoken dreamcast fans to rebuild all the damage that those gamecubers had caused, and it was only now in the past few years that people had actually realized that the dreamcast was infact, functionally superior to the gamecube, with also superior games to the gamecube.

nowadays, people's perspective towards the dreamcast has already changed from one of hate, to one of love. however more recently gamecube community is starting another attempt to push back the tide of truth, by once again making the dreamcast their whipping boy, as they did back then by dissing the dreamcast as they boasted about their own self-perceived, misguided superiority of their console over it.

the majority of people in the few dreamcast communities back then had not stood up against the gamecubers, as i alone did. but i will do so again, by documenting the folly and immaturity of their past, because the reputation of the dreamcast must not be tarnished anymore by those immature gamecube kiddies, as they had done in the past.

therefore i have created this thread to historically document the injustice and harassment that gamecube kiddies had dispensed upon the dreamcast community, before all evidence of their past folloy so many already had, because nobody had bothered to documented it at all, so again.....i will, but i am tired, yet i am again the only one who has bothered to do this, because no one else will. time is running out because old internet history are being erased. history must not be forgotten, and the crimes of the gamecube community against the dreamcast back then must also not be forgotten.

my hope is that, by preserving the past i hope that future gamers will see what kind of people the gamecube fanbaes really are, so that they, along with the other gaming communities as a whole will no longer take any of their frothing, bogus negetive claims about the dreamcast seriously.

i do this in resemblance of the pain that i, and the few dreamcast fan who have stood up have suffered in the past, and to to make the world see the gamecube fanbase for what they are, and also the folly of their ways of hurting the dreamcast.

PS: ever since middle of last year, i've been gathering posts listed below. some of the posts don't exists anymore but i will list them regardless.


You're posts are completely worthless to any human being. Please do us all a favor, and jump off a cliff.

Although I loved my dreamcast, there is no comparison
LOL, no he's supposed to be, walking up to the edge of a cliff right about now, looking over in dispair at the razor sharp rocks, and wondering if he should take my advice or not.

Seriously, since you have been here I can remember at least 10 threads comparing the Xbox and the Dreamcast, where as half of them are PS2 fanboys, or GC fanboys, just trying to bash it.

Can't any of you remember how many posts have been made of: "OMG Dreamcast2 = Xbox" It's freaking crazy. It just blows my mind how many XBG Noobs are on this board now.

Like I said, I still remember you're first post on here. It embarrasses me. ... .53334541/

before we begin however, let us remember the horrible past in this this post, as to have represented all the suffering the few dreamcast owners have suffered, for merely saying that the xbox was the dreamcast 2. and so we must never forget, nor forgive the very first batch of dreamcast haters who have done this to us.

now let's begin.

Other GameCube got a lot of good Sega series, yes some of them were not console exclusive. But were on GameCube first. Here are the Sega made GameCube games. (Removed all games where Sega was the publisher only and not developed first or second party.)
Sega made GameCube games, exclusives first.
Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution
Skies of Arcadia
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut ... me/&page=2

here's the first prime example of how the gamecube kiddies had damaged the dreamcast's reputation over the insisting back then that all of the aforementioned dreamcast games had originated on their gamecube console first (except PSOEPIII)

Shikamaru Ninja:
How can the Dreamcast line up be better than the GameCube line up. Especially when several of the great DC games came over improved to the GameCube.
Resident Evil Code Veronica X
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Sonic Adventure DX
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II
Skies of Arcadia Legends ... ted.58242/

here is another posting of another gamecube kiddies doing the same thing.

And I can't stand the Wii controls for games that don't use the motion controls. Why were all of the good games made for GC? *cough*Sonic Adventure 2 Battle*cough* ... sa.265401/

even up to the wii generation, gamecube kiddies are still insisting that sonic adventure 2 were made only for the gamecube

Samuel Roberts, Henry St Leger, Olivia Tambini, Vic Hood:
The death of the Dreamcast was a good thing for Nintendo, which got exclusive games like Sonic Adventure 2, Skies of Arcadia and Super Monkey Ball out of the deal. But it also opened the door for collaborations with Sega, including this new version of the fast-paced racing series.

those 3 despicable individuals have wrote an article about how the gamecube benefited from the death of the dreamcast, which according to them is a good thing, since that meant all of the aforemented dreamcast games in their article got released on the gamecube platform, which they implied were exclusive on their previous gamecube.

Up until 2004, all Sonic, Super Monkey Ball, and Resident Evil games along with MegaMan Network Transmission were all GameCube exclusive. Sure some of them got PS2/Xbox ports later but it was obvious they were meant for the 'Cube. ... 112?page=1

according to this gamecube fanboy, all sonic games and resident evil games were all gamecube exclusive, when it was not.

Yep. No Super Smash Bros. Melee, no F-Zero GX, no Super Monkey Ball, no Metroid Prime, no Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, no Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/ Mega Collection/ Gems Collection/ Adventure DX ... 610?page=1

again this gamecube kiddy thinks that there are no sonic adventure 1/2 on the dreamcast.

Ikaruga was also a Gamecube exclusive (a relatively unpopular console) in the West for years, while all the Touhou games are available on PC with low system requirements

so here the kiddies insisted that ikaruga was a gamecube exclusive, even though it originated on the dreamcast and NAOMI arcade system.

Sonic Adventure 2 was on the Dreamcast That means Sonic Adventure 2 is acceptable to discuss here. Just because you're a zoomer who played it on the GameCube first doesn't mean we all are, kid

at long last, someone finallly stood up against a gameube kiddie who apprently tried to stop sonic adventure 2 from bgeing discussed on 4chan's dreamcast section, due to his belief that it was a gamecube exclusive.

-gamecube kiddies claiming that windwaker was the first cellshaded game

aside from gamecube kiddies spreading misinformation about sonic adventure games being gamecube exclusives, they had also historically attributed "zelda winwaker" as the first "cell-shaded" game, while dennnouncing jet set radio/JSRF as having stole or ripped off their precious windwaker. their folloy are listed as follows.

I do believe that The Wind Waker was the first cel-shaded game ... f-All-Time

see what i mean? this is the reason everyone nowadays think that windwaker was the first cellshaded game, when it was infact jet set radio/JSRF.

why didn't more of the dreamcast fanbase stood against that back then? now everyone thinks windwaker was the first cell-shaded game!

The Red Panda:
please Wind waker used Cel shading before Anyone even used Pc's for gaming ... 0459400882

here's another gamecube kiddies who heaped praises on the "legend of CEL-DA windwaker", who ripped off jet set radio.

Wind Waker was the first cel-shaded game I ever saw and every cel-shaded game I played after couldn't measure up to its beauty ... -graphics/

look how delusional these gamecube folks are, they think that windwaker is better than every cell-shaded game every made, like wild arms 3, breath of fire V....etc, also including jet set radio/JSRF/Valkyria chronicles.

the environments in windwaker aren't even entirely cell-shaded, and yet the gamecubers think its' better than every cellshaded game. unbelievable.

thanks to the fans for sticking to facts of xbox, with the least games from the last generation. Gamecube had more games than Xbox, and Ps2 ... 635/page-6

the gamecube had 500, compared to the ps2 which had around 3000 games, and the xbox which had around 900.

so how many dreamcast games are there? no one in the dreamcast community has documented the total number of games for comprison to this day, i can't really do a comparison...... again what are you guys doing?

as far as i remembered though, the japanese dreamcast games library were much bigger than the gamecube japanese games library.

-gamecube kiddies delusionallly claiming that the gamecube defeated the dreamcast and won the console war

aside from insisting that dreamcast ports of their favourite games were infact exclusive to gamecube first, the gamecube kiddies had also recently begin to spread misinformation about how their console had actually more games than the ps2, and even going as far as to say that the gamecube has "won" that generation of console war and defeated the dreamcast in the process. let us look at how ridiculous those people were.

I geuss the PS2 only had FFX, FFXII and DQ 8 then? That's not really something to brag about, The Gamecube had more JRPGs then that. ... 65/?page=2

the dreamcast had more than a dozen JRPGs, the gamecube had around 11 JRPGs, which included evolution/skies of arcadia/FF Crystal Chronicles/PSO ep2 & 3/symphonia/RUNE 1&2/yugioh/baten kaitos 1&2....that being the case, evoltion and skies of arcadia were dreamcast ports, so if we take two of those away, the gamecube actually only had 9 JRPGs, which according to this gamecuber, is more than the hundreds of JRPGS on the ps2.

The GameCube was as successful as the Xbox. The PS2 DVD rage won, but GameCube was better than PS2 and is considered by most people one of the best consoles ever. ... optimistic

wow, i didn't know that most people considered the gamecube to be the best ever. its not though, i mean i love my dreamcast but everyone loves the ps2 here.

Originally posted by srkelley5
The NES only had one console competitor and it wasn't leaps and bounds beyond it. SNES was superior. N64 was superior. Gamecube beat the PS2 and Dreamcast absolutely ... post919456

once again, here's a gamecube kiddie saying that the gamecube defeated the dreamcast, even though the gamecube did not even existed when the dreamcast was discontinued in 2001.

slapedurmomsace574d ago (Edited 574d ago )
Last in most generations??? Am I missing something here? NES destroyed the master system. SNES beat the Genesis. The N64 beat the Saturn. The Gamecube beat the Dreamcast. The Wii beat everyone. ... ur-opinion

again another gamecuber caught saying that the gamecube beat the dreamcast.

- gamecube kiddies claiming that the gamecube had also defeated the ps3 and won that console war also.

not only were gamecube kiddies saying that the gamecube beated everyone, but even as late as the ps3 generation they had arosed again to say that the gamecube had infact also beated the ps3 after winning the previous console war.

#1 surfer_dude_
Member since 2008 • 305 Posts
The GC sold 22 percent more than the PS3 in its first year, as Gamepro has reported below ... 06/?page=1

so this gamecube kiddie is saying that the gamecube has also won against the ps3. by this individual's standard though, he is also in a way, saying that the gamecube beated the wii, because afterall the gamecube was also fighting the console war of 2006 am i right?

Anonymous 02/11/21(Thu)09:50:31 No.543853357▶
for example, clearly he is stating stupid things as facts, hes most likely a troll, if not, then just stupid and I have to point out that he is wrong, playstation consoles are good, but have never been truly innovative, they just add more power thats all, and the gamecube beat the ps2, 360 the ps3

here is another gamecuber insisting that the gamecube beating the xbox360 and also the ps3. look how dellionsal the gamecube fanbase really are.

Plissken, Jun 24, 2020
Gamecube won the sixth generation console wars: confirmed.

need i say more?

-gamecube kiddies making up non-existant games to make up for their lack of games.

finally, we have gamecube kiddies making up the number of games that are available for the console. they are as follows.

There are a few jet fighter games for gamecube, about 7-8
sadly most are rare, low budget and flopped badly ... ic=14207.0

the dreamcast had areo dancing 1/2/i, along with macross m3.

meanwhile the gamecube only had that macross rip off game robotech battlecry and also that crappy low budget TOP GUN. that counts as 7-8 games in their eyes.

The N64 had a small handful of RPGs, while the Gamecube had up to 40 or 50 (to many to name). ... -26583392/

once again gamecubers are insisting that their console has alot of JRPGs, like 50 as this kiddie had so claimed. wow that's alot of non-playable, non-existant jrpgs on the cube, LOL.

this will be it, if anyone finds any ridiculous things that the gamecube community has said against the dreamcast, please let me know.

also my username here is actually my old nickname on gamespy's planet sites. so i have witnessed everything that happened back then, and i remembered everything that happened back then.

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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#2 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:00 am


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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#3 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:45 am


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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#4 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:58 pm

Console fanboys overall can be so childish. Me, I just ignore them. But interestingly enough, they are also one of the reasons, why the gaming and game console industry, became so big. :lol:

Anyways, don't let those silly comments from the past, bother you. :lol:
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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#5 » Fri Feb 12, 2021 2:12 pm

Is such a long winded post really necessary about this? Fanboys of any system are gonna shit post about the competition. Caring about what Nintendo fanboys said from 20 years ago seems almost as immature. We are all grown up now, lets move on and enjoy the fact that our system still gets retail indie games while none of the other 6th gen systems do. So I guess in the end we won in a way.

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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#6 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 12:34 am

Anthony817 wrote:Is such a long winded post really necessary about this? Fanboys of any system are gonna shit post about the competition. Caring about what Nintendo fanboys said from 20 years ago seems almost as immature. We are all grown up now, lets move on and enjoy the fact that our system still gets retail indie games while none of the other 6th gen systems do. So I guess in the end we won in a way.


I mean no harm to him - but, you've registered here and cared to post all of that, including links & quotes (which, btw, i think should be gotten rid of).

Wow, just wow. If that is not some part of a psychologic trauma therapy, i don't know what is. 20 years ago, still so hurt :(

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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#7 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:09 am

Well let's be honest, the 6th gen was basically just PS2, if sales were the metric to go by.

I never owned a PS2, so can't speak to the quality of its content but the other three I did own, even back then. It's pretty clear to me that outside of Sega's output none of them had much of a game library worth shouting about.

GameCube exclusives worth a damn were mostly Sega titles. Most Nintendo titles were pretty meh a year or so after launch and the most impressive, F-Zero GX, is a Sega title using a Nintendo licence. Remove Sega from the platform and you're left with;
Metroid Prime
Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Sunshine
Eternal Darkness
Resident Evil Remake (I'd have said 4, but the GameCube was such a failure of sales that RE4 didn't hit the sales quota and got ported to the PS2)
Soul Calibur 2 (if you include Link as exclusive)

Xbox exclusives worth a damn, excluding Sega titles;
Halo & Halo 2
Project Gotham Racing & PGR2

Dreamcast exclusives worth a damn;
Metropolis Street Racer
Shenmue (Shenmue II was also on Xbox)
Jet Set Radio
Toy Commander
Quake III Arena (exclusive on consoles)
Soul Calibur
Power Stone & Power Stone 2
Samba de Amigo & ver 2000
Crazy Taxi 2 ( the first game got ports)
ECCO: Defender of the Future
Railroad Tycoon 2
Star lancer
Ready 2 Rumble
Chu Chu Rocket
House of the Dead 2
Cannon Spike
Bomber man Online

Not begin with the DC being the origin of later ports such as
Crazy Taxi
Sonic Adventure & SA2
Phantasy Star Online
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Shenmue II
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia II
Dead or Alive 2
Space Channel 5

And then there's exclusives to those other consoles that are by Sega;
F-Zero GX (GameCube)
Super Monkey Ball & Monkey Ball 2 (GameCube)
Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg (GameCube)
Phantasy Star Online III (Gamecube)
Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox)
Panzer Dragoon Orta (Xbox)
Shenmue II (Xbox exclusive in US)
Outrun 2, Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast (Xbox)
Toejam & Earl III (unreleased DC port, Xbox)
Half Life (unreleased DC port, Xbox)
House of the Dead III (Xbox)
Otogi & Otogi 2 (Xbox)
Phantasy Star Universe (PS2)
Seaman 2 (PS2)
Sega Ages series (PS2)
Sega Rally 2006 (PS2)
Virtua Fighter 4 (PS2)
Yakuza & Yakuza 2 (PS2)

A huge swathe of what made that generation as good as it was is all down to Sega. Nintendo stumbled with their 'Nintendo Difference' concept and reduced the quality of their games about halfway through the Gamecube's lifespan, Microsoft had very few in-house development teams able to make a standout title (outside of Halo) and Sony... Well to be fair of all the consoles they were the only ones not essentially kept afloat by Sega. They were the behemoth the others were fighting against.

Considering Nintendo's crummy late-GC output, the lack of quality in the Wii and how the Dreamcast outsold the Wii U in two-year sales, Nintendo fans should really keep their mouths zipped lol.

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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#8 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:08 am

Roareye wrote:And then there's exclusives to those other consoles that are by Sega;
Half Life (unreleased DC port, Xbox)

Half-Life 1 was not on Xbox, that was part 2. Half-Life 1 was on PS2. Also, not sure where you got that Sega made them since Half-Life was a game made by Valve, published by Sierra and the DC and PS2 ports were worked on by Gearbox as they made all the high definition models for it since it surpassed the quality of the PC original. The Xbox port of part 2 was solely done by Valve I believe but don't quote me on that.

But yeah, Sega played no part in Half-Life. ;)

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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#9 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:54 am

In 2003 Nintendo had to stop producing the Game Cube because nobody wanted to buy the video game.

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Re: immature gamecube kiddies dissing the dreamcast back in the day

Post#10 » Sun Feb 14, 2021 7:06 am

Software is what makes a system and the coders and developers what ever system it's the games and software that make it. many times there has been super powerful systems with lack luster games and software that does not show what it can do.

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