Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

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Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#1 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:51 am

I just pulled out my Dreamcast from my old closet at my mom's house after ~20 years. I also pulled out my old Dreamcast games which are STILL in pristine condition. I've been on a shopping spree these past few weeks buying nothing buy Dreamcast stuff. So I want to play Phantasy Star Online. I'm wondering what the difference is between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ? And do I NEED to be online to play it ? :?: :?: :?: :?:

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#2 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:19 am

Seems that v2 has some new sidequests and some bugfixes (only played v2 so can't say for sure). I can't answer the second question, since there is an offline mode but i do played most of the game online and some levels can be progressed only with two or more players, so yes there is an offline mode but i do wonder if it's completely playable cause, as said, some switches required more people to activate them

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#3 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 11:26 am

i think the level cap increased on ver 2

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#4 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:01 pm

No one plays v1 v2 you're getting all of it plus new juicy ultimate difficulty mode which does levels 80-200

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#5 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:47 pm

I would HIGHLY recommend v2 over v1 - larger level cap, more items, new modes plus the majority play v2 which won't allow v1 players unless they adjust their settings. I also believe it's easier to connect to Sylverant, if you can at all on V1 (don't quote me on that)

Basically, unless you are planning on playing exclusively offline, I would avoid V1
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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#6 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:10 pm

Version 2 is the must have. In V1, you can only level up to 100. In V2 up to 200. Ultimate mode is only available in V2, also all of the red items. You dont need to play it online, you can activate all the switches in cave and ruins by yourself. I have played all Levels and Modes in Offline Mode, but it is not the same experience you can get it online. Leveling is much harder offline, cause you are alone. You can find some nice dudes online for team up, and they will help you to level up faster ;)

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#7 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:14 pm

Thanks guys ! I'm buying PSO ver 2 !

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#8 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:38 pm

PSO version 2 has more content too.
Think of it, as the upgraded dlc version, of the two versions.

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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#9 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:44 pm

The best version is PSO_DC_Ives_Pack_v2 lots of fixes and upgrades

Code: Select all

I. I
III. Basic Features

Several changes have been made to this disc that are not directly related to gameplay, but the main feature of this disc is that it's the first CDI release of PSO Ver.2 to be free from the crashing problems that have plagued all previous releases of the game. Unlike its predecessors, this disc does not freeze when loading player data outside of Pioneer 2. As a result, the following activities are now possible for the first time without using a retail GD-ROM of the game:

1) Playing in open teams

You can now play in teams without a password, as your game won't freeze if another player joins your team when you're not on Pioneer 2.

2) Playing the offline quests

You can now play the offline quests without freezing when the game loads NPC data outside of Pioneer 2.

3) Playing Challenge mode

You can now play Challenge mode without freezing at the beginning of each stage.

After extensive research and testing, we finally have a CD-R release of PSO Ver.2 that matches the original GD-ROM in terms of game stability. With this disc, you no longer need to use your US GD-ROM at all, and if you would normally be using a PAL or JP GD-ROM, the only time you would need your original disc is to take a new character online for the very first time. Any PSO Ver.2 character that has been online at least once is fully compatible with this disc.

Other features of this disc include:

1) Auto-connection

This disc is patched to automatically connect to the Sylverant PSO Server. PSO normally requires CodeBreaker codes or special configuration of the broadband adapter to connect to private servers, but this disc will connect automatically. No codes or boot discs are required.

2) Fast loading

This disc is optimized to load character data faster than a GD-ROM would. This prolongs the life of the Dreamcast hardware by eliminating the grinding of the GD-ROM drive that normally occurs when loading character data on PSO Ver.2. This disc contains an improved character loading scheme that is even more efficient than the one used in my previous PSO Ver.2 discs.

This disc is also specially formatted to decrease the seeking during loading screens, which is normally worse on a PSO Ver.2 GD-ROM than on a PSO Ver.1 GD-ROM. The effeciency of the sound test and web browser were reduced to maximize the in-game loading efficiency, but both features still work, although the web browser boots slowly. The configuration screen for the broadband adapter still boots quickly (when a broadband adapter is connected instead of a modem).

3) Improved sound

All of the game's BGM has been upgraded to use the 44.1 kHz BGM from the Xbox version, instead of the 32 kHz BGM contained on the Dreamcast GD-ROM. The "La-La" version of "Can Still See The Light" (the game's ending music) has also been replaced with the lyric version. This disc also replaces two of the unused BGM files with the BGM for Spaceship and Palace, which allows the correct BGM to play in Spaceship and Palace quests which occur outside of Battle mode.

4) Ultimate Map Fix

This disc contains the Ultimate Map Fix to allow quests which use the previously broken maps (such as Famitsu -Maximum Attack-) to be playable in Ultimate mode, which is not possible on a GD-ROM without using a boot disc to patch the game in memory.

5) Hunter's License patch

The Hunter's License check is disabled on this disc to allow the game to go online without using codes or boot discs.

6) Removed content

In order to accomodate the other features within the space constraints of a CD-R, the French, German, Japanese, and Spanish intro movies have been removed. The English intro movie will play regardless of which language is selected, but it is still at full quality.


IV. Special Features

This disc has several gameplay-related features not present on other releases.

1) The Enhancement Pack

This disc contains the PSO Ver.2 Enhancement Pack set of game patches. These patches are also available for PSO PC as a patch download that can be applied to a previous game installation. Since the Dreamcast reads its files from an optical disc, a new disc had to be created to apply the patches.

The EP does several things:

-Drop rates have been altered to be much easier, and some drops have been moved from one enemy to another or removed from the drop table for use as quest rewards. Anyone who has played PSO Ver.2 for some time knows that its drop rates are absolutely atrocious. The majority of the items in the game are so rare that they are statistically impossible to find, and as such nobody has them without hacking them. With this patch, rares can actually be found, so players will have a far greater variety of equipment to use.

-Ultimate mode has become "Ludicrous" mode. While Ultimate mode is difficult at level 80 with Ver.1 weapons, it becomes ridiculously easy once a character's stats are maxed and Ver.2 weaponry with high percentages has been obtained. Even a FOnewearl can kill Ultimate Forest enemies with ease, so the purpose of this modification is to make Ultimate mode challenging even when characters have maxed their stats and obtained good equipment. Ludicrous mode is quite difficult at lower levels, so players who have not acquired good equipment may not want to use this disc until they feel comfortable with the more difficult enemies.

-The statistics and requirements of many items have been altered. While the drop modifications make rare items obtainable, many of those items are from PSO Ver.1 and consequently have Ver.1 stats. These items are normally far too weak to be used in Ultimate mode, as they give low ATP and even lower ATA. Many Ver.1 weapons have been made stronger so that they will work in Ludicrous mode, Ver.2 weapons with poor stats have also been edited, some weapon specials have been changed, level requirements for some Ver.2 shields have been altered, and many units have been improved as well.


The Enhancement Pack for PSO PC also contains a fix for the text used in the game, so items with typoed names and incorrect descriptions are fixed. Due to the changes made to special attacks and equipment requirements, some of the original item descriptions are now incorrect. Unfortunately, there is no tool that can be used to edit and automatically rebuild the text file for the Dreamcast, so I was unable to apply the text fix to this disc. As such, since all of the text is in its original state, not all of the descriptions are accurate.

2) Offline Map Pack

This disc contains the Offline Map Pack, which provides the full enemy spawns used in online mode to the offline versions of Forest and Cave. Normally, Forest and Cave have drastically reduced enemy counts in each room offline, which makes playing those areas quite boring. With full sets of enemies, offline mode becomes much more entertaining and challenging, plus it also gives more chances to find the rare drops in those areas. ;)

3) Offline Quest Pack

Now that it is finally possible to play the offline quests on a CD-R without crashing the game, this disc brings the Offline Quest Pack to the Dreamcast for the first time. This patch has three main features:

a) The death of an NPC partner no longer results in quest failure. Instead, the NPC will automatically revive after dying in the same manner as NPCs in Phantasy Star Universe. This feature is particularly useful in Ludicrous mode, as NPCs are mostly helpless against the more powerful enemies that come with the Enhancement Pack.

b) Dr. Montague can convert Ver.2 monster parts into weapons in the quests "Dr. Osto's Research" and "Unsealed Door". As in PSO GC, Montague can now convert all monster parts into usable items in offline mode. Without the patch he can only convert Ver.1 monster parts, and Ver.2 monster parts must be converted in the online quest "Today's Rate". Converting monster parts in "Today's Rate" is still possible, and the benefit for doing so is that converted weapons have the chance to receive percentages. Monster parts converted into weapons in "Dr. Osto's Research" and "Unsealed Door" will always have 0% on all attributes.

c) The quests "Seek my Master" and "From the Depths" now have the special cutscenes which Sega added to the GC version of the game.


Whenever an NPC partner gets revived, the screen will will turn black for a fraction of a second as the NPC comes back to life. This appears to be normal on DC and not a cause for concern, as it happens even on a GD-ROM.

4) Max Stat Patch

This disc contains the Max Stat Patch, which rebalances the maximum stats of the classes so that they are all comparatively good, instead of the previous situation where some classes were so weak that they were essentially inferior to their counterparts.

For more information about these changes, please see the PSO Palace website and forum. Including an in-depth description of all the changes would make this README far longer than it already is. =P


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Re: Difference between PSO & PSO ver. 2 ?

Post#10 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 4:02 pm

beanboy wrote:PSO version 2 has more content too.
Think of it, as the upgraded dlc version, of the two versions.

if you need it to play online, be sure to buy a pal or ntsc one cause the dreampi does not support japanese games...

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