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Beanboys Tips and Strategies heads up post.

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 12:51 am
by beanboy
Concerning my tips and strategies guides for dreamcast games, I'll post a heads up alert here, on which ones I have posted, in the new Tips and Strategies section. So look out for them.

Right now, I am currently working on one for Soul Calibur, and a few other dreamcast games as well.
They'll take some time to complete, and I have some errors to correct too. And when I do post them, they'll be updated as the days go by, because in the case of fighting games, that is a super duper alot of ground to cover.

Like for example, if a portion of the strategy guide, deals with playing as Kilik in soulcalibur, more will be added to the Kilik portion on the next day, or as time goes by. So everyday, or next few days, you'll see more stuff appear. I hope you guys understand, what I'm saying. :)

So feel free, to look out for them. :D