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Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:29 am
by valkyrie4488
Hello, I'm a bit new here and I hope this is a okay pace to post this. It has to do with my Dreamcast reading disc's, I had a Dreamcast back in the day around when they first came out when I was young but lost it over the years and recently picked up another from a local retro store where it was refurbished or at least I was told. I never really had that many games around five or six main games and they got packed away after I lost my original Dreamcast, after I got another one I went to get them but three of them had water damage almost destroying the cases while the other two were relatively okay and couldn't find the sixth being Sonic Adventure. The two that were okay seemed to play okay whereas I had problems with the other two either not booting up with the console going to the home screen or booting then crashing from time to time in between playing, one in particular is the one I used to play and play and play back in the day Test Drive 6. In the beginning it wouldn't read at all with a lite coat of dirt on the back that was stuck on, I was about to pitch it having almost giving up thinking I was going to have to get another I seen at that same retro store but I thought to try cleaning it off with some water first. I ran some water over it and gently tried wiping it off again and the dirt came off and it worked which I was overjoyed with especially reliving all the good memories I had with the game, about a day or two later though it would boot to the loading screen but crash right before the main menu and after turning the system off removing the disc and wiping it off again would work which was the same for the other games that had damage. Maybe I'm overthinking it but I just thought I would ask to see what your opinion's are, if the system sounds faulty or if you think it could be the disc's. I loved my original Dreamcast and had allot of good times with the system in general, I just hope my new Dreamcast is alright especially sense the guy I got it from at the store said that if the GD rom ever broke it would be unrepairable sense they don't make them anymore. On a side note I now have Test Drive 6 for PS1 also but the Dreamcast version not only looks better but play's allot better also. :) Thank you for the help.