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Resident Evil: Code Veronica locking up

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 9:17 am
by Emostential
Hello everyone, I’m wondering if you can help me.

I recently brought a second hand copy of Code Veronica, and I’m very excited about playing it.
The only problem is it isn’t working. The disc(s) is in great condition and it boots up fine and plays gloriously for about 10 minutes.
The load times get slower, the music will glitch out and it will eventually lock up when you go through a door. You will hear is rainfall or whatever noise is in the background, but it will not load after this.
I suppose my question is, is this a common fault? I don’t know think it’s my hardware because everything else I own plays fine, including Sonic Adventure which was prone to failing on my Dreamcast before I pressed the pins on the motherboard back.
If any of this makes sense to anyone I’d appreciate the insight before I ask for a refund.
Thank you very much and I hope you have a good day.