Why are games changing my VMU's icon?

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Re: Why are games changing my VMU's icon?

Post#11 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:45 pm

SomeGuyWithASega wrote:So, I just came from playing Super Magnetic Neo for the first time. Pretty good game so far, I like the attraction/repulsion gimmick that is implemented. It helps the game stand for its own and not just become a Crash Bandicoot ripoff. The strangest thing that happened though was when I finished playing; I booted back to the Dreamcast menu, and my VMU's icon had been changed from a happy face to the Crave logo. I checked to see if there was an extra file saved on my VMU along with my save in the menu; nothing. I even deleted the save, and still nothing.

So then I booted up the handy-dandy Dream Explorer and found a 3 block icon data file for the Crave logo that was hidden from the default file menu. If you didn't catch onto that, Super Magnetic Neo basically installed a virus onto my VMU (not in the way that it harms files, but makes changes to the settings without telling the player). I didn't even know that was possible, let alone that developers would be sneaky enough to put them in.

I was incredibly confused, and eventually found out that other games do this as well, like Shadowman. None of my other Crave games do this though.

Could I get some more info on this, as well as more games that do things like this? Thanks.

This same thing happens, if you play super magnetics neo, on reicast emulator for android too.
And even when you delete the magnetic neo game save file, the crave logo, becomes your VMU
icon pic. It's so weird. Lol.

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Re: Why are games changing my VMU's icon?

Post#12 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:13 am

beanboy wrote:
Tarnish wrote:
beanboy wrote:This has happened to me as well.
And I heard it has happened, to quite a bit of other people too.
Did you or anyone else, ever find a workaround for this strange glitch?

I had this problem too on a burnt copy. Tried a different image I think from Cool-Roms, that image didn't have this bug.

Okay. I downloaded the one, from Cool-Roms. I'll check it out in a while.
Hopefully, this one doesn't have that strange bug. Thanks.

Before burning it to a disc, I used Demul to see if it had the same bug/glitch. I got a save file from the VMU backup image with a 100%-ed Super Magnetic Neo save, booted up the Super Magnetic Neo image and tried that level/stage in question. Might worth the extra few minutes if you don't want to risk wasting a CD-R.

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Re: Why are games changing my VMU's icon?

Post#13 » Fri Apr 26, 2019 9:58 pm

I revisited this.. overwrote my progress and again it comes back and it's not even the dev logo it's Crave its publisher -.-

I wonder what it does if you save progress without the two blocks to force shit VMU icon. Cries? Hoping

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Re: Why are games changing my VMU's icon?

Post#14 » Sat May 11, 2019 9:54 am

If you want to use a new icon, you have to transfer your data to a second card, format the first card, pick a new icon, and transfer your data back to the first card. Complicated, I know.

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