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OC Community Play Vol 2: Sega GT

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:28 pm
by Gary_b
lordnikon from is going to start another community play event. This time around everyone will be playing Sega GT and then join in discussions as we play through the game. if anyone is interested in playing all are welcome. I was a little unsure how it worked so he gave me the rundown on how we plan to complete Sega GT as a community. I know many of us here are members at both sites and it would make it more interesting if we have a large pool of participants. This is lordnikon's event so we should generate discussions over at OC in the Community Play thread.

How it works
lordnikon wrote:You are more than welcome to post at another forum if you want to inform others of this event. I assume discussions would take place here in this thread for the Community Play. Seems to make the most sense, as its kind of an OC forum thing.

The process is pretty loose in terms of how this all unfolds. I tend to create a thread, idle a bit so people can notice it and join up Once a few people are on board I give a last call for participants and then once those who have signaled they want to play are ready, we proceed. Playing the game can take place over the timespan of 30-45 days or so depending on how long the game is. Last time, even with my busy schedule, I managed to level a character in Armada to the highest level.

Once we start, we basically set the goal of making sure we play each week and are active in the discussion. Sega GT should be a game you are actively playing when you have time. Then you come here to share your experiences with others. The community play is sort of trying to re-kindle the experience of what it would be like if Sega GT was just released and we all bought the game and were actively playing it. I doubt we would all be playing Sega GT right now or with the same level of attention to the experience, had this Community Play not been created.

A side goal for the Community Play is to add a level of online interaction that is "asynchroneous". Scheduling online matches in online capable games can sometimes be tricky with our busy schedules. So I thought of this as a way for us to still come together to experience a game, but on our own time schedules.