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Horror on Sega

Post#1 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:40 pm

Hello guys I'm fairly new to the Dreamcast community and Dreamcast ownership in general as I have only had one for a couple years. I grew up with ps2 and gamecube so never really played sega as a child. I recently bought a genesis model 2 a sega saturn and a second dreamcast. I was wondering if there were any good horror games on any of the systems. I know about the classics resident evil illbleed ect. I am interested in any 2d games they don't have to be horror per say but creepy themed. games like Bram Stokers Dracula which is currently my favorite genesis game or castlevania.

anyways I'm sorry that was so long winded but look forward to any suggestions you can give.

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Re: Horror on Sega

Post#2 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:54 pm

Can they be FPS games? I can't tell you how amazing the Half-Life total conversion mods They Hunger and Paranoia are. They were fully ported over to DC as stand alone games, and have some scary monsters and zombies. The games are pretty difficult as well.

You can find them in the HLDC mods mega pack I posted here.


Carrier is a good RE style game, as well as Blue Stinger, although the later is a pretty campy game. The voice acting is hilarious, but it has a cult following and is made by the same creators as Illbleed.

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Re: Horror on Sega

Post#3 » Tue Jul 23, 2019 10:01 pm

Yes FPS is fine I like every genre of game I always want to try new things so I will look into those and carrier and blue stinger thank you!

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Re: Horror on Sega

Post#4 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:49 am


Alone in the dark (A horror game that is kinda like Resident Evil.)

Dino Crisis (Scary dinosaurs attacking people, at an enemy army base.)

Zombies Revenge (A multiplayer zombie beat 'em game from sega.)

Soul Reaver (Vampire wraith adventure horror action.)

Sea Man :shock: (This game is the ultimate, super creepy game, in a funny sort of way.) :lol:

D2 (A super weird horror game, that still has a huge cult following.)

And sea man,......oh yes,.... I mentioned that game already. :lol:

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Re: Horror on Sega

Post#5 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 4:20 am


Castlevania bloodlines
Splaterhouse 2
Splaterhouse 3


Castlevania simphony of the night - exploration game that continue the events for Castlevania rondó of blood on the Drácula castle interior and exteriors.

D (only D is the name nothing more) a hauted house owned by Drácula and a fearless woman who needs to escape.

Deep fear. - an underwater facility with lots of experimental monsters around.

Enemy Zero - alternative world of D on a facility and invisible enemies.

House of the dead - shoot every mad scientist experiment who pass on your way.

Resident evil - an evil mansión infested with zombies and special forces survivors.


The ring terror's realm - Awful resident evil clone but enjoyable if you are patient and Brave enought to play it and pass trough the reality and the deadly virtual reality from the rings realm.

Seven Mansions - A japanese exclusive 2 players coop game exploring 7 haunted enviroments now traslated by a genious.

D2 - Following the horror from Saturn and ps1 Enemy Zero and D search your memories and stop the apocalypse.

Bluestinger - Explore a misterious abandoned undersea city facility and gain combate experience.

Illbleed - Save your Friends from a pure style chesy japanese type B horror movie theme park that kills everyone who Enter their attractions.

Carrier - investigate what happened on a monster infectate naval carrier before been too late.

Alone in the dark the new nightmare - Two SIDE stories not so alone but with a lot of nightmare creatures.

Resident evil 2 - search who is the Mastermind behind the zombie virus that is attacking the world.

Resident evil 3 - SIDE story Following the events on the racoon city in the last escape before you die.

Resident evil code Verónica - continue the events on an island infested with bio orgánic weapons experiments meanwhile search your brother.

Evil dead Hail to the King - find and destroy the necronomicon before the summoned horrors destroid you first.

Dino Crisis - a help call on a silence facility infested with dinosaurs.

Soul Reaver - regain your trone collecting souls and defeat your traitor brother kain with yoir combats abilities.

Shadowman - explore dungeons and collect ítems to continue your travesy in an horror Zelda style to defeat a Demon and his obscure cult.

Dead crimson - shoot all the undead and the monsters on an arcade fashion way.

House of dead 2 - continue the Saturn events shoot every monster created and save every salvable person during your bullet storm.

Typing of the dead - instead of bullets shoot every dictionary words while Following the events for house of the dead 2 and leanr how to write in a keyboard.

Zombie Revenge - an arcade beat em up parallel to the house of dead events where you punch to the dead every monster un your way.

Half life - unreleased leaked game in first person view on the paper of a new commer cientist with the worst first day on an alien infested secret military facility.

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