[SS] Tamagotchi Park - problems with saving?

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[SS] Tamagotchi Park - problems with saving?

Post#1 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:06 pm

Today I received yet another bundle of Japanese Saturn games. One of them was a CIB copy of Tamagotchi Park. The game's cute and fun, but I simply cannot figure out how to save the game! No matter what I choose/do in the game, it always shows "new game" and "options" in the main menu, no "continue".

The game came with a pink memory backup cartridge. When inserted into the slot, it shows up as a working, standard, blank memory cartridge, but the game doesn't save anything on it. Tried clearing the cartridge from the system menu, same thing happens.

Now, you might not be familiar with some obscure Japanese Saturn game, though you might still be able to help me out: this warning shows while I boot up the game, though I'm not entirely sure what does it mean (I also included the "saving" section from the manual, as well as a red flyer from the box [must be important?]). If anybody knows Japanese, be sure to let me know what's written here:


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