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[ Gamecube Reset ] Is This the Correct Behavior

Posted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 10:08 pm
by alvin777
Hi. I recently bought a slightly defective Gamecube coz' it was US version (I have a japanese one but I didn't want to mod it). I wanted not buy it coz' a US Wii can play that but I was concerned about some labels on some disk (it's cracking and the Wii not being the tray kind might damage the labelling even more). I had to buy a US version Wii (though it came with an Indigo controller which I was after too for my Indigo Wii which had a black controller). It was a kind of ok price.

The reset was busted (though it's ok to use the power but it's best everything is intact for peace of mind) but it seems to working now after cleaning the ribbon contacts on the front panel board. I wanted to ask how the reset behaves to know it's truly now fixed. On my japanese GC w/ Game Boy Player, while I'm playing Game Boy Kirby (lid closed), when press the switch, it goes back to the Gamecube's menu scree, the one with the 3D screen.

On the US version, when I'm playing Resident Evil 4, when I press the reset switch it just goes back to the start of the game, the splash page (where the Start, Load options are for Resident Evil 4), it doesn't go back all the way to the Gamecube menu with the 3D cube.

Is this how the reset should behave or do I have to fix the rest further?

Thank you. God bless. Rev. 21:4

Re: [ Gamecube Reset ] Is This the Correct Behavior

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:04 pm
by scaryred24
That behavior is completely normal. Take it as if it was running off a cartridge like a N64 that if you reset it it will soft reboot the game. My brother has one and I found it quite odd for it to do so. It isn't a deal breaker that should warn people away from soft resting the console if that is how it was intended by Nintendo to function as rather than a design flaw.

Re: [ Gamecube Reset ] Is This the Correct Behavior

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:09 pm
by alvin777
Hi. My reset then is fixed and revived (bought this GC for an ok price coz' I was after the Indigo controller for my jap indigo and it's US. It's a fire survivor, had the warped lid/top half part replaced for around 4 dollars here)? So, that's how it resets with games like Resident Evil 4- that's great, lol (got to fix it accidentally).

How come on the Game Boy Player when you press reset it goes back to the Gamecube 3D cube menu instead of the just the splash screen of the game boy cartridge?

Happy St. Valentine's day by the way.

God bless, Philippians 2:13