Is There Any Way to Map the Wiimote B Button to d Z Nunchuk?

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Is There Any Way to Map the Wiimote B Button to d Z Nunchuk?

Post#1 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 12:51 pm

Hi. Where playing on rail shooting games using rifle attachments (similar to Wii Zapper, one is the long barrel rifle type, the Power A, licensed Star Wars Clone Trooper Blaster which works in any shooting game but the trigger is infront and you push up diminishing the gun experience a bit but it's the one to use to win coz' it's precise, then one is from an unknown brand PEGA which has a Wii Zapper type layout which has a bit of a hard trigger but affordable, no cable management built-in).

Is there a way to map the B button of the Wiimote to the Z button of the Nunchuk coz' the games (House of the Dead and Resident Evil on-rails shooter version) don't have that mapping option.
Is there a way to map it in the Wii's software which I didn't see in the menu maybe there's a hidden secret way to maps buttons system wide without being dependent of the game?

Thank you. God bless. Rev. 21:4

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