Help with Troubleshooting and Reviving These Gameboy Advance

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Help with Troubleshooting and Reviving These Gameboy Advance

Post#1 » Tue May 12, 2015 8:27 am

Hi. Thank you in advance. I just got my first SPs ever (and Advance) and are reviving some:

GBA P Screen AGS-101 One Has An Extra Cover, The Other One Doesn't:

Blessing in disguise I was swapping the better AGS-101 screen (black color) with a pearl blue AGS-101. The black one had some kind of extra cover on top of the backlit screen but the pearl blue one does not have it. Is the extra cover some kind of third-party polarizer or the pearl blue one has been tampered with (but that's impossible the sticky tape some kind of thin transparent back to back tape that holds the 5 rubber things on the screen is intact) with the extra cover removed?


This came from the black AGS-101 (100% condition):

This is from the pearl blue AGS-101 (the screen is working but there are whiteness on the sides):


By the way if the black SP AGS-101 has a more superior screen with the extra cover by default, what glue could be used for that extra cover which I'm guessing is a polarizer?

SP AGS-101 Has Some Kind of Whiteness on the Sides. Any Fix?

Hi. What could be a fix for the whiteness on the sides of the AGS-101 SP. It looks like a screen bleed but it may be another things. Are the pixels damaged and can this be fixed? One cannot see it when the Game Boy reboots coz' of the whitle background but when you're playing something, it looks like the scene is a dream (used in movies when someone is dreaming) with a whiteness that's a bit blurred on the sides.

Blotches on the Inside of AGS-101 Screen

Is there anyway to remove the glass and clean the blotches on the inside of the screen? How did it get there and what could it be?



If this is SP AGS-101 battery is swollen should I replace it?


My two AGS-101 are disassembled for screen swapping and thorough case, plastic board, cleaning but could you recharge an AGS-101 battery with an AGS-001? And if you use an AGS-101 batter on an AGS-001 would the 001 be damaged (they have different voltages)?

Which is the Speaker of the AGS-001 and Which is for 101?

While disassembling some SP AGS-101 and an AGS-001, I intermixed the speakers. I heard they aren't compatible. Which is for the AGS-101 and which is for the AGS-001. Thank you in advance.


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