NES in Kijiji Advertisement!

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NES in Kijiji Advertisement!

Post#1 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:51 pm

Hi, guys! You thought I wouldn't be posting anything in this section, were you? ;)

The old Nintendo Entertainment System. We've all seen one, and some were lucky enough to play one. When someone brings up retro consoles, for most people, this is the first thing that comes to mind. It is the definition of "classic".

But you think it is dead and gone now...right? No, of course not.

I was watching television today while commercials were playing. There was this ad for Kijiji that played with an announcer saying, "You've always played, played alone, played in key. You've played strings, and played the hero, and sold your stuff on Kijiji so you can move up a level." Right there, a guy was giving another guy an old NES! Man, Mario must be freaking out right now. :lol:

Now strangely enough, I've seen a lot of old Nintendos in some advertisements recently. Last year, I saw a Froot Loops commercial where a couple were playing Super Mario Bros. late at night on their old NES. They also had a bowl of Froot Loops with them, too. Near the end, it stated "Bring back the awesome with Froot Loops". Wait, wouldn't they want to share the NES with their kids? That's what I do with visitors with my Dreamcast (I feel the need to spread the dream).

Also, what does Super Mario Bros. have in common with Froot Loops? Do Mario and Luigi eat a bowl of Froot Loops every morning for breakfast? I bet you he eats his vintage Nintendo Cereal System and coughs it up after. So technically, he has no breakfast.

Okay, back to the Kijiji ad. The NES cameo was pretty cool, but I think they were insulting it. The announcer was saying that you sold your NES to "move up a level". Man, if I were an NES, my feelings would be hurt.

"I hope he uses that-a money to buy a Super Neentendo!"
Shut up, Mario!

If you're a gamer, then the highlight of this commercial is the NES cameo. Also, if you're interested, this is what the rest of the commercial says:
"Today you played offline, online, and in-line. You played hardball, and sometimes, you've even played for broke. As life leads you from one thing to another, Kijiji is the easy way to buy and sell great stuff in your community. Kijiji, Canada's largest classified site."

Thanks for reading,
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