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Re: gamecube legend of zelda limited edition pack

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2011 6:54 pm
by Gary_b
comradesnarky wrote:I think eBay gives five free listings a month now. You could use those to set a few different prices. For example, you could start high and if it doesn't sell then go low. If there's no unique markings on the cube than I doubt it's worth much unless someone wants the box and the discs really bad. It seems like platinum cubes were used for a lot of boxes like that. Gamecubes are really a dime a dozen.
after april 19th we get 50 free listing starting at any price and we can add buy it now for free. honestly its about time ebay did something like this. buy it now should of always been free. ebay milks every cent they can out of you.