Sonic Forces (Windows,PS4,XBO,Switch)

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Sonic Forces (Windows,PS4,XBO,Switch)

Post#1 » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:35 am


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Re: Sonic Forces (Windows,PS4,XBO,Switch)

Post#2 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:21 pm

It looks...mediocre to be honest. I haven't played it yet, and I don't plan on buying it at its current price; $40 is too much for a game that lasts maybe 3-5 hours.

My opinions on it are incredibly mixed. I do like the Unleashed style Modern Sonic returning, and the custom character is a neat gimmick. The graphics look very nice for one minute, but turn bland and boring the next for most stages. That's about where the positives end for me.

The new music direction isn't really my cup of tea, except for the main theme, "Fist Bump". That's a great track, but there isn't really much else I remember except Classic's Chemical Plant copying Eye of the Tiger, and Classic Green Hill literally giving me a headache. Speaking of Classic Sonic, why did he have to return? I know that the Phantom Ruby transported Classic to the Forces dimension, but he was already in Mania, so why butcher his playstyle and shoehorn him into this game, as well as Shadow, Chaos, Metal Sonic and Zavok? Also, didn't Generations establish that Classic was from the same dimension as Modern Sonic, but in a different timeline? :ugeek:

The story also appears to be confusing in some areas; when Eggman describes the Phantom Ruby, it sounds like he made it himself, yet in Mania's intro, it shows Eggrobos finding & pulling the Ruby out of the ground. Also, while all of the worrying is being done about the Phantom Ruby and what Eggman & Infinite are going to do with it, why doesn't anyone think about getting the Chaos Emeralds? Those gems never fail to stop Eggman's plans, so why not use them here to make the plot and game more interesting, and while you're at it, throw in an epic final boss?

Finally, Sonic is killed by Infinite after completing Green Hill the 1st time, but is, mere minutes later, found at the Death Egg still alive. First, this brings back bad memories of 06 and Rise of Lyric, where the exact same thing happens. Second, why would you build up all this drama about Sonic dying, Eggman ruling the world and Tails "losing it" when you're going to throw it out the window so soon? Also, if anything, Sonic's friends have better abilities than him, and should be able to take out Eggman easily.

Remember when Tails took out Chaos 4 and Eggman all by himself in Sonic Adventure? Well, now he's afraid to even touch Chaos 0 and wants Sonic to rescue him. :|

So, that's my beef on it; I think I'll just stick to Sonic Mania for now. If I ever were to review it, I'd imagine it being around a 50-70/100.

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Re: Sonic Forces (Windows,PS4,XBO,Switch)

Post#3 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:53 pm

this is from the post i did on Dreampipe

"So i want to start off im not a hater of Sonic by any means, when i played Sonic Adventure for the first time in early 2000 it changed my life in terms of video games. I know its cliche but because of nostalgia and the impact it left on me SA1 is my favorite game of all time. Heck one of the first games i bought full price with my own money was Sonic 06, yes laugh but i never hated the game like lots of people, its a guilty pleasure of mine. Also one of my first pre orders was Sonic Generations (A great game)

When Forces was first announced i was fairly exited as i really liked the boost gameplay and Sega with their push for quality these past few years and getting 80's on all their games i was fairly confident it would not suck. I then pre ordered the game as anything with JSR or Nights related items has my money. I also was kept interested in the game due to the amazing work of the Sonic Social Media team Head by the Meme man himself Aaron Webber.

I made sure i did not look at any leaks and went in blind and have played the game for a few hours.

My overall thoughts of the game is its good, not amazing nor terrible. A solid 6 or 7 out of ten.

The negatives i have for it is that the story is almost non existent and has no depth nor emotion. For example They talk about Sonic being dead and tortured but its all resolved in about 2 minutes. The game is also really short, i played on hard mode and managed to beat the main story in 4 hours and the level design is somewhat lacking in areas.

Now to end on a positive. The avatar and Modern Sonic gameplay where very solid, not a Generations level but still very satisfying to speed run and customize. The music is also pretty good, while not always my cup of tea and not at the usual Sonic level quality as many of its tracks are what the kids nowadays call dubstep or whatever. Some tracks admittedly just plain suck but there are quite a few good full orchestra pieces by the London Symphony and some good vocal tracks. The graphics are also very nice running at 60fps all the time.

Again this was a good game but it honestly felt empty in some years. Like they had way more ideas but ran out of time which makes no sense as they have been working on this since 2013. My hope is that they actually expand these ideas for the next game or maybe do the Sonic mania route and get some new blood in Sonic Team to do maybe something in the line of the Adventure games.

For 40 dollars id say it worth it as it has lots of bonus stages and more planned free DLC"

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Re: Sonic Forces (Windows,PS4,XBO,Switch)

Post#4 » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:58 pm

@itsthinkingstill Funny thing is, they did get some new people to design the levels in Sonic Forces. They should do what they did with Mania though--find passionate fans of the 3D games that work on 3D Sonic projects. What if we had an official Sonic game in similar vein of Green Hill Paradise Act 2 or Sonic Utopia?

EDIT: Speaking of the Adventure games, Hunnid P., the person who portrayed Knuckles in the Adventure 2 rap songs, dropped a new single for Mania called "K. T. E. Cypher". 8-)

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