Square Enix Makes Final Fantasy 7 PC Re-release Official

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Square Enix Makes Final Fantasy 7 PC Re-release Official

Post#1 » Fri Jul 06, 2012 3:27 pm

Now it is not an HD remake unfortunately, but exciting nonetheless.

A few weeks ago, a leaked website registered by Square Enix and dedicated to a Final Fantasy VII PC release caused speculation about a Final Fantasy VII re-make.

Unfortunately for Final Fantasy VII fans longing for such a re-make, this isn't the case. However, you do have something to cheer about. Square Enix has officially confirmed that they will be re-releasing Final Fantasy VII on the PC (only for the Square Enix store, mind you) with new content. Cloud saves and "character boosters," which haven't been described beyond the fact that they will help maximize your characters in instances when you're stuck, will be a part of the new content.

There's no pricing or release date available for the re-release yet, although the previous leak revealed the price to be £7.99/€9.99 (approximately $12.50.)

If you don’t already own it, or have only watched your friends play it because you opted to get a Nintendo 64 so you could play Zelda, and also didn’t snatch up the digital versions available on the PS3 and PSP, the beloved Final Fantasy VII is headed for a PC re-release sometime soon. Square Enix hasn’t given an exact date, but they have divulged where you can snag the re-release, and what extra features it’ll boast.

No, it’s not coming to Steam. Sorry. Square has announced that the re-release will be made exclusively available on its own Square Enix Store. However, that unfortunate news comes with the news that the re-release will have some new features not found in any version of FFVII. The re-release will feature 36 achievements, a character booster that seems to be some sort of stat editor to allow for easier play, and the hilariously titled cloud saves, which act as standard saves on the cloud, but you know, cloud, huh huh.

If you already own the old Final Fantasy VII PC release from way back in 1998, this’ll at least be somewhat thrust into modern times, as it’ll be available in digital download and have cloud saves. The graphics probably won’t be updated too much, if at all, but the game should run much better on modern day computers,which anyone who had the original PC release will be happy about after suffering through the poor performance.

With this PC re-release, it seems Square will do just about anything with the FFVII universe other than make a direct sequel RPG, or remake the entire game from the ground up with modern technology. Even though one part of the FFVII extended universe was actually very good, it’s still kind of a shame to see we now have a prequel, a side story, a direct-to-DVD direct sequel CGI movie, and this re-release, rather than the thing fans have been clamoring for. Oh well, something is better than nothing, right?

You can view the trailer and slew of screenshots for the PC re-release at the Final Fantasy VII PC release official site.

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Re: Square Enix Makes Final Fantasy 7 PC Re-release Official

Post#2 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:40 pm

I can't play this version, I feel like im betraying my PS1.

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Re: Square Enix Makes Final Fantasy 7 PC Re-release Official

Post#3 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:44 pm

Square sucks now with all there rehashes Founder of Eidos just left because of there corporate mentallity and never take ownership that its there crappy newer FF games and remakes are whats costing the company money...

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