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GameTracker - story

Post#1 » Mon Jan 05, 2009 3:43 pm

Well this is kind of a retarded story.

I saw the DC-Talk server stat as Impulse's sig and I was curious to what other info the link might hold. I went on it and sure enough I saw my name in the list of people who played in the server[I am in 10th place btw]. I clicked on the name to look at the info thinking that someone on the forums made an account for me. Under the avatar it asked if it was me and I clicked on the link. It asked me to login or make an account and I did. When I got back to the link to verify it was me I was kind of happy. When I looked at what other servers my name linked to, it showed gamed that I have never played before like CoD4 and such. What surprised me is that there have been people with the username kannibal going into porn servers...the first thing that came into mind is "WTF!? what kind of servers do people make these days?"

I fell pretty awkward using Kannibal now...but I can live with that!
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