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-=Skulltag Doom=-

Post#1 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:08 pm

Someone plays Doom via Skulltag? or even create maps for it?

Have begun with two but haven´t finish none of them.

The second one is still in progress. Have meet 2 ppl in my local area that have just discovered Skulltag, and now we are planing in doing some maps, but as ´til now I´m the person that do all the work :( Hopefully they will help me soon, it will be more fun to do it together.

This is the map i working on now:


Not much and the Map will be big, it´s like 3 maps in 1 :(

Ok, enough talk about me.

Please, let me know if there are ppl here that plays Skulltag \(^o^)/

Or if you don´t play it now, maybe you will check this out now when you know that it exist.

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