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I made a video game!

Post#1 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:35 pm


Hi everyone! I've been working on a PC video game for a couple of months now, and I think it's ready to be shared here. It's not in a fully complete state yet, but it's getting very close by now.

It's called Vista's Afterlife: The Game, and is based on my Vista's Afterlife series of videos that were very successful on YouTube. (Though they are no longer up on YT. There's a link to the Vidme reupload below.) It is built off of the Open Surge Engine version 2.0.

The story is very similar to the VA movie:

"The day is April 11, 2017. Microsoft is ready to discontinue Windows Vista. She is sent to Heaven to live with the great operating systems. Suddenly, Vista is blocked by 3.1 and XP, the guardians of the Gates of Heaven. They do not allow Vista to go into heaven; instead, she has to prove herself worthy by staying in the underworld for a while, fending herself off and fighting for survival. Vista begrudgingly accepts it, and is sent to Hell.

Suddenly, she is captured by ME, one of the permanent visitors of the underworld. She is trapped in a palace with warp rooms to various levels.

This is all part of ME’s plan to let him and the other bad OSes escape Hell and rein on Earth.
Vista must complete every one of the zones, make her way out of the trap and defeat ME before it’s too late!"

-VA: TG Creator's Guide

The game plays exactly like the classic 2D Sonic games and contains 7 zones: Heavenly Havoc, Lush Shores, Midnight City, Magma Mines, Techno Traverse, ME's Warehouse and Final Fright. There is also a full guide for the game in case you get stuck, albeit the fact that it's still incomplete.

The latest build is the Thanksgiving Build, which was released the 9th of October (which is Canada's Thanksgiving Day). Give it a try if you're interested, and maybe watch the Vista's Afterlife film to get a better idea of what this is, kind of, trying to replicate.

DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui813ionuccqev9/VATG%20Thanksgiving%20Build.zip?dl=0

VISTA'S AFTERLIFE FILM: https://vid.me/eeK8l

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