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View the latest post Attachment(s) Street Fighter II CE Beat 'Em Up

I am modding Street Fighter II CE for Dreamcast using DreamBOR so I labeled SF2 CE Beat 'Em Up. The idea is to make a Beat 'em up version keeping all the most original as possible, opening, stages, movements, sounds and characters. Of course it can not contains all 12 chars because of DC RAM limits. But they will be as bosses too.
I hope to release it for all DC systems and emulators, but it will need test and re test. Maybe I can make the original Bonus stages too.
This will be the first of the last three dev projects I will do with this engine and then probably will retire from dc scene. The other titles are ambitious but not impossible, and the last one is a very rare never seen on a SEGA [...]
SF2CH title.png

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Release of a prototype for the Unreleased Dreamcast version of Worms Pinball, when the Dreamcast makes Tilt!

Release of a prototype for the Unreleased Dreamcast version of Worms Pinball, when the Dreamcast makes Tilt!


A member of Team17 tells us briefly about what happened behind the scenes and the reasons for its cancellation.

If only 2 pinball tables may not seem like much, they are very complete and will require many hours and attempts to see all the bonus

Who will beat my high score of 791,000,000 on the Worms table in normal? Post your best score in the comments, you have until February 12!

Have fun!

https://en.sega-dreamcast-info-games-pr ... pe-iso-gdi

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View the latest post Attachment(s) HALF LIFE CUSTOM GDI[TEST] IMR

I have built the WinCE boot file and optimized it using the WinCE devkit and ip.bin and converted it to GDI. I need people to test it for me.
It's working on DC emulators, but we know what that's like.
Instead of the bloated CDI version, I created a new WinCE boot file from the WinCE SDK to optimize ram use and speed at only 1 MB.
Download to test for hardware as well. GDEMU only; this is WinCE.

Remembr works on the redream dev build, and Demul is currently I cant test for testing on hardware.

You should see on gdemu much improved loading speed and even slightly better framerate..

since i cant test on hardware this might only work on bloody emulators..
I dont have a gdemu setup right now..
bandicam 2023-01-14 09-50-11-521.jpg
bandicam 2023-01-14 09-48-37-213.jpg
bandicam 2023-01-14 09-21-05-789.jpg
bandicam 2023-01-14 09-21-12-874.jpg

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View the latest post DCPopulous

Did anyone get this to compile?


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View the latest post Mortal Kombat 2 source code leaked.

Mortal Kombat 2 source code leaked. Check HERE

Yes guessed....Any chance for Dreamcast port??

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View the latest post The history of No Cliché and its original Dreamcast games, from Toy Commander to Agartha... not forgetting Toy Racer

The history of the French development studio No Cliché and its Dreamcast games with original concepts, from Toy Commander to Agartha... without forgetting Toy Racer.


Several Dreamcast prototypes of Toy Commander and Toy Racer are analysed and preserved, some of which are available for free download (an amazing discovery in a prototype).

Some former members of No Cliché tell us more about the history of the Lyon-based company and the development of its three games, sharing with us several sketches and photos.

I would like to thank them again for their kindness, for their testimony and for having trusted me by sending me some photos and several sketches.

I would also like to thank all the other me [...]

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View the latest post Attachment(s) Retrospective 2022 Dreamcast

Dreamcast 2022 Retrospective

hello friends, I come to make available to all of you our traditional retrospective of "Dreamcast nostalgia"
everything that happened most important and impactful and accessible in the Dreamcast Scene in 2022 gathered in one place!
Good reading!

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ ... tid=Nif5oz

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View the latest post New 3D game demo Harlequest

Just saw this new indie dreamcast game project on Twitter, it’s a rogue like 3D dungeon crawler, the developer is Ross.codes and he said he’s gonna be doing a Kickstarter for the game in April 2023 I think. I jumped in the discord and downloaded the pre alpha demo and it was pretty fun for the little bit I played! You can find the link to his discord server on his Twitter if you want to download the demo and try it yourself!



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