F355 Challenge the official web site


Q. I would like to see rankings of certain conditions such as "Tuned & No-assists". Is this possible?
A. To see rankings under certain conditions, go to the bottom of the ranking page, and select from the pull-down menu.

Q. In registering for the Internet Ranking, I can't seem to set my country code. Why?
A. To set your country code, go to the OPTION menu and set it, then be sure to "SAVE GAME" afterwards. You will not be able to set your country code on the registration form.

Q. Why isn't there a "behind the car" view?
A. Because our main focus was to create a real driving simulator.

Q. The car modifications do not seem to have effect. Why is this?
A. They will not have any effect in Arcade Mode and the Network Race.

Q. In a Network Race, the course is different from the one I selected, and it seems like it is always Motegi. Why is this?
A. In a Network Race, the course is decided by majority. Since the game was released quite recently, probably many people tend to select Motegi, because it is the easiest course.

Q. Is there a dedicated peripheral for the F355 Challenge?
A. No. Please use the DC Racing Controller, which is supported by the software.

Q. I can't seem to register my bestlap to the Internet Ranking. How can I do this?
A. Please go through "How to register" once again. If you still can not register your bestlap, the following may be the possible causes:

1.After you ran your bestlap, the power was turned off, or "HOME PAGE" was selected, without executing "SAVE GAME".

2.The mode in which you ran your bestlap was not a one-player mode(including "Network Race").

Please be aware that your bestlap will not be saved by only executing "SAVE DRIVING DATA".

Q. I can only seem to register my data to the Japan Ranking. How can I register to other rankings?
A. Data from all over the world can be registered to the Internet Ranking. The rankings of the whole world will be displayed, but you can also see rankings per territory. Since the software was released in Japan before any other territory, currently, most of the registered data are still those of Japanese players.

Q. Can you surf the web using the F355 Challenge Dream Key?
A. The F355 Challenge Dream Key has been customized to limit the usage to browsing the F355 Challenge site only. If you wish to browse other sites, please use a browser disc.

Q. Is it possible to see the rankings of the hidden bonus courses?
A. We are planning to make this available, about a month after launch.

Q. How do I upload my driving data to the Internet Ranking?
A. When you come in above 20th in the World Ranking, an Upload page will appear, where you will be able to upload your driving data.

Q. When I try to play Network Race, I can not connect, and get error messages. Also, I can not use other Internet sevices as well. Why?
A. Please contact and consult with your Internet Service Provider(e.g. SEGA.COM).

Q. I purchased the Japan version. Will I be able to play the Network Race on this?
A. With the Japan version, you will not be able to play the Network Race from territories outside of Japan. The US version and the Europe version will be released in the fall of 2000. Please use the version of the territory you live in.

Q. I've registered the same data twice to the Internet Ranking. Can you delete one of them?
A. By using 2 seperate VMUs, you will be able to register the same data twice. However, please be aware that we will not delete any data unless there is a significant reason to do so.