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Utopia Boot Disc Tutorial

Here you will find the steps you need to create a Utopia Boot up Disc. A Utopia Boot Disc is used to play Import, or backup/copied games.

Step 1.
First, you need a CD burning program. If you don't have it already, download the Padus Disc Juggler Demo edditon =free.

Step 2.
Second, download the Utopia Boot disc cd image. Unpack the file using winzip or winrar.

Step 3.
Third, Open up the Disc Juggler program. Click File> New> Burn CD and DVD images, then click ok. In the source box, click on the paper and cd button and find were the utopia cd image is located at. In the destination box, choose where your CD burner drive is located at. (make sure you have a blank cd-r in the drive) Leave everything in the advanced tab as it is.

Step 4.
Click Start to commence the burning process. After it's 100% complete and the cd drive pops open with the completed disc, BINGO! Your ready to start playing your import and backup games!
If for some reason there is an error, it's likely that the disc you put in maybe had data on it already. If not, then maybe you chose the wrong destination. This will only work on A Dreamcast that is capable of booting CDs, known as "MIL-CD". Most Dreamcast's made in Europe and America are capable of this.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. Check back at the Guide section for more how-to's. © Copyright 2004 - 2008 Shane Mayer