PlanetWebs's Dreamcast Portal Websites is back up

After a few months of being down, it is now online again. Check out this article about the site when it first went down, along with e-mails that were sent to the CEO.

Apparently PlanetWeb wasnt really taking the site down because they wanted to, check out what CEO and President, Ken Soohoo has to say...

Hi Dreamcast Users,

I appreciate all the thanks for the return of the site, you're welcome.

As a bit of triva, you may want to know that the reason the site went down was that it crashed -- its hosted on a dual processor PIII 500Mhz VA Linux box, a little old, and it was the second of two duplicate servers to crash. Over the last few years its also been hacked a number of times as well, causing it to be not quite "perfect".

Since about July 2003, Planetweb's been focused on software in other areas, not Internet, and not Consoles. We've also had large staff cuts, so there's not many of us left. So to be honest, we were not sure if anyone would have time to pull the server and try to bring it back to life! That's why we did not commit to bringing it back on-line.

Long story short, a couple of us did find the time this week, and hopefully it will stay healthy for a long time to come. The server's name is "knuckles"...


Well, there you go. On behalf of, I would like to thank you, Ken Soohoo for this desicion. is also back up and running. You can use that site to upload vmu save files from your vmu to a server (so you can put the saves on the net) via ftp (file transfer protocool). Also, create webpages on your Dreamcast.

This is definitly a huge re-gain for the Dreamcast community. Once again, thank you Ken Soohoo.